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I get you the best Free Stuff whenever I can.
Michigan, USA
Since I found the World Wide Wreck I have gotten real good at getting stuff and I'll get all the free stuff I can from the W3 and put it here. First, here's a page I stole from Fiddlestyx about her bout with Cancer. It's a great story and offers a possible alternative treatment. Now you can help someone for free by clicking to DONATE Here's the Most Fun Thing Ever! And just in case anybody is interested, I found out the True Meaning of Life! As if that ain't enough, I already got free Email for you, and it's got my name on it. Wouldn't you like to have Email that says Sure you would. I also got a thing that lets you send E-Greetings to your friends or whoever. It also is a free thing. I started playing a game with the Internet and you can play too. I decided to see how much I could get paid without changing my surfing habits and with the smallest amount of effort possible. There are a bunch of referral banners farther down the page that are part of the game. I signed up with all of these programs and I'm already making money. I expect to be making even more as I get more people referred to these programs with me. Anybody that thinks that making money for nothing is a good thing can join in and play too. Just click on one of the banners below, sign up, and keep doing what you're already doing. If you have any questions about this, email me Here and I'll do my best to answer. You can also contact me on my Post a Note and I'll post a reply as soon as I get a chance.

I got an online store! Check it out! Join the "Save The Bandwidth" campaign! When you recieve annoying email, just use the Luckey Pro 1.0.1 Chain Response page. NEW, try out my new Access Installer! It will allow me to use your computer for whatever I want and allows me to access all your private files. Trust me. Now, let me get off of my soapbox and we can get to the fun stuff. I've recently been infected with Dance Page Fever. I only have two so far, but there's more coming, so check back every day, or nobody will like you. I also like comic books and animated stuff, 'cause real life pretty much bites. My favorites are Wolverine, Batman, the Tick, Freakazoid and Road Rovers. Most other cartoons and comics I like too. I'm gonna have pages for all my favorite heroes someday, but it's gonna take some time. I also got a Gameroom that I'm trying to fill with fun stuff for you.

If you want to you can Email me or Post me a Note on the Luckey Pro Forum. I got some Banners of mine and some Other Peoples Banners and Web Rings that I belong to. You should stop by here and get the Sheep screensaver. It's a riot. There are also Awards 4 you to have, but only if you deserve them, no lying. Here's the award I won in the 50megs Tech Forum Contest and here's My Awards that people gave me for having such a jumbled up mess of a site.

Get paid to surf the Web? You bet! Sign Up Now!!


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